We are Canadians with two homes, one in Ottawa Ontario, and one at Sugarbush in Warren Vermont. We discovered Lucky Dog a few years ago when we needed to board our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Lulu for a few days while we went to the Ocean at Rockport. Lulu is a shy little spaniel who does not take to just anyone, but she fell in love with Duke and Laure at Lucky Dog, and she is always happy and bouncy when we go to pick her up. We now plan our trips starting out in Warren so that we can leave Lulu at Lucky Dog. The open concept sleeping arrangements, and the outdoor play time are really great! The only thing we could wish for is a Lucky Dog [...] in Ottawa!

Talk to you soon.....

-- Gale, Neil and Drew Hutton


"I love it so much here, I get to come here for my birthday!!"

-- Cooper, from the Inn at the Round Barn

We love having our little pug Lloyd exhausted after a day of play. We wanted him running with other (big) dogs, to stay lean and psychologically healthy.  His best day must have been laying on Duke's chest floating down the river on a tube. Lucky Dog indeed. Great people, Great service.

--Jeff Coy and Maryann Willson

Thank you all SO MUCH for caring for Kona. We didn't even want to go away on vacation because of her!! We know that she is a challenge with her quirkiness and her medication, so we appreciate all of the care you put into having her at your house. From getting more chicken to taking care of her shots, you all went above and beyond and we can't thank you enough. When we left your house this morning, we had such a warm feeling about your facility.

Kona is hanging out with us as I type and sends her thanks along as well!

-- Cindy & Alan

"When I have to go away the first place I think of is Lucky Dog Daycare to "board" my dogs. It is the only place my dog Amy can go to and not have anxiety problems. I have two dogs Amy a rescue dog from the shelter. Cisco a neutered male Labrador. Amy has an anxiety problem when I leave her related to prior owners leaving her tied out for 12 hours and alone. She also used to have a sociable problem when I first got her. When I once brought them to a kennel with cages they would bark most of the time and Amy 's anxiety went through the roof. Since I have brought them to Lucky Dog, Amy's social problems with other dogs has disappeared and she has a great time there. She also does not have the anxiety issues because someone is always there with her. I guess you could say along with the daycare she also has had some behavior training! Cisco I have had as a puppy and anyone who has a lab knows the energy they have and then some. He is a young dog and has plenty of energy and at Lucky Dog he can play until he sleeps. The best part about leaving them there is I can leave them and I don't worry about them. The peace of mind is wonderful!! I know someone is always watching and with them and I sense Amy knows that too and can settle in one of the beds just like home. I have just had them there and the minute I turned onto Pike road their ears went up and the tails wagging, they knew were they were going!
Thanks for everything!"

-- Bonnie Dash

MacDuffyWe've got one pooped kid here in Granville! He did go to the river today but was so so mellow and now is enjoying sitting in the yard watching his kitties. Thank you so much for keeping our kid and letting him play until his heart's content.

-- Cindy & Alan

"Lucky Dog Daycare is the best thing that has happened for Buckshot and Remy. We started to bring Buckshot to Laure and Duke last year so he would not be alone during the day while we went to work. When we first got Buckshot, he came to work with me everyday... Then we heard about Lucky Dog Daycare. Buckshot started going three days a week. We got Remy in July of this year and now both dogs go three days a week. We know they must have a blast because when we leave my house in the morning and I say we are going to see Laure and Duke they go nuts. Buckshot and Remi are English Setters and are very high energy dogs. They need a lot of exercise and Lucky Dog is the greatest because they always come home tired. We feel Laure and Duke care for Buckshot and Remy as well as we do. Any dog that has the opportunity to experience Lucky Dog Daycare is truly a Lucky Dog".

-- Betsy LaFlame and Bill Reynolds

"As you know, we have been in Bermuda for 3 years now. We love it and Cody does too. He love to go to the beach and swim in our pool.

We have never forgotten how good you guys were. From the first time we left Cody with you when we got married, we knew that you had the best service going. If we ever get back with Cody, we will be sure to bring him by."

All the best,
John, Susie and Cody

"After taking my three dogs to Lucky Dog, I would never again board them anywhere else. They have much more fun at Laure and Duke's. Lucky Dog rules! Truly!"

-- Rosemary Savage

Lucky Dog has been an absolute godsend for me and one of my dogs. I have a young male Rhodesian Ridgeback who is a BUNDLE of energy. This is a dog who does 3-feet high stag leaps from a standing position!

I work long hours and even walks every night after work just weren't enough. With hounds, you take a great risk if you let them off leash. I needed somewhere he could run safely. Enter LUCKY DOG!

Apollo started going in January 2003 when he was 6 months old. He goes several times a week and he LOVES it! He recognizes the collar and leash we use just to go there and gets excited when I pick it up because he knows he's about to go to the funnest doggie daycare there is! Mention the word Lucky Dog or the names Laure and Duke and he goes nuts -- more than for the word treat! -- and that's saying a lot for a Ridgeback! Laure and Duke provide a great service! One we can't do without!!

-- Holly Buttura

"Lucky Dog is a gift to the dog owner. Duke and Laure are so enthusiastic and they absolutely love the dogs. Their home is clean, dogs that don't get along are separated and they have indoor and outdoor facilities. The dogs feel right at home and have so much fun! Our dogs, Goose and Mingo, squeal with excitement when we pull into their driveway and they snore on the ride home. We have two very Lucky Dogs, thanks to Duke and Laure".

-- Jessica Churchill and Dave Millard


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