Our Services
Lucky Dog Daycare is open seven days a week for dog (owner) vacations, care during your travel, while dining/skiing or attending local events such as weddings. Our hours are flexible, although we do recommend 24-hour notice. Payment methods include: cash, local checks and credit cards.
During the holidays, there is a mandatory $30.00 deposit (on a credit card) at the time of reservation. Failure to notify us of cancellation 7 days prior to scheduled arrival will result in the loss of the deposit.


Lucky Dog Daycare takes great pride in its facilities. We offer a 3/4 acre fenced in space for the dogs to play during the day. At night, our guests enjoy the warmth of the dog-room, with beds of all shapes and sizes, and 24-hour access to water and the great outdoors.  To view photos of our facilities, please click here.

Standard Daycare
Price - $30

Includes Local Pick-up and Drop-off service Monday throught Friday.

Price - $30

Weddings/Special Events
We work with local facilities and their clients when canine friends are part of an event. Call us for more details on this service.


$100 includes 90 minutes
$50 for each additional 60 minutes

Facilities we've worked with:

The Round Barn Farm
The Pitcher Inn
Sugarbush Resort
1824 House
Powerhound Inn
Golden Lion Riverside Inn
Millbrook Inn
Drop-off Directions:
Please make sure your pet has been outside to do his or her business BEFORE you come as we can't always take them out right away and business being done in the dog room is really only for night.
  • New clients provide a copy of vaccination records
  • Make sure you sign the release form
  • Dogs must be leashed, with their names on the leashes
  • Collars must remain on & be tight enough so they don't come off
  • No expandable/retractable leashes please
  • Harnesses or prong collars are acceptible
  • Wait for us to retrieve the dogs & put them in the proper place
  • Set up a designated pick-up time or delivery time and date
  • Include food and feeding instructions; please put names on bags of food. (Bowls too if brought)
  • Containers reasonable for the length of stay
  • Discuss any special traits -- afraid of thunder, allergies, etc.
  • Please make the payment for your dogs' vacation on a local check, with cash, or credit card
Pick-up Directions:
  • We need a specific time and date
  • Wait for the dogs to be brought to you
  • Food and all belongings will also be brought to you

Meals/Special Diet
Boarding dogs are fed twice daily. If your pet is on a special diet, you are welcome to bring in their food. We can accommodate raw diets and supplements (i.e., yogurt, cottage cheese, rice, etc.). Please make sure to discuss your dogs special diet when making the initial reservation.
If your pet is taking medication, we will distribute it according to your veterinarians instructions. All containers must be properly labeled and state dosage per your veterinarian. Your dog's well-being is our priority. If needed, our guests will always receive immediate professional medical attention.


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