Forty-eight hours prior to your dogs' first visit (daycare or boarding), please make sure you have completed the following steps.

  1. Local dogs and their owners must meet with Duke & Laure**
  2. New Applicant/Waiver Form completed*
  3. Submit a vaccination record; record must be on veterinary letterhead with vets signature and date. Your vet can fax it directly to us at 802.496.4972.

**We encourage local dogs & their owners to meet with Laure and Duke before their first visit, and dogs visiting from out-of-state need to be able to get along with our other guests reasonably well. The safety of all our canine guests is of utmost importance.

We suggest new overnight guests spend at least one day in daycare prior to their overnight. This gives them a chance to get familiar with us and make their overnight stay a positive experience.

New Applicant Form:
Please print and complete before first visit: New Applicant Form *
(To download, you need the free software Adobe Reader.)

* When sending info/documentation via the Internet, please send in one of the following manners: PDF, Microsoft Office Document (.doc), or plain text (.txt).

What are Some of the Requirements?

  • All vaccinations must be current
  • Dogs must be healthy and have completed the series of puppy vaccinations
  • A flea and tick preventative program
  • Fecal report from vet
  • Food provided by owner (treats are provided with permission of owner)
  • Most of our guests are fixed, however unspayed females and unneutered males are accepted (they are separated)
  • No expecting mothers or "in-heat" females
Dogs must have current proof of the following vaccines:
  • Rabies - Within 3 years
  • DHLPP - Within 1 year
  • Bordetella - Within 6 months
  • Canine influenza vaccine

Destructive Dogs
Dogs will be dogs, but if individual dogs are found to continually destroy property (tear beds, shred carpets or 'spray' inside) their owners will be charged a property damage fee. Please let us know if your dog has a habit like this so that we can make adjustments so that our things aren't damaged and you don't end up paying an extra charge.


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