October 5, 2006 started out to be a gorgeous autumn day. It was the kind of day that every dog dreams of, with cool crisp air, a light breeze, and plenty of sunshine in a brillant blue sky. For some of us, it will be a day to remember because of what we lost. "Lil' Bud", beloved pet, friend & guardian to Laure & Duke, gallantly lost his fight to cancer on this day.

Bud came to Laure & Duke 13 years ago when they were living in Naples, Florida. It was Christmas Eve and they were at gala with friends when one arrived with a little puppy only about two weeks old. No bigger than your hand, eyes still sort of closed and full of fleas. The friend had found him in the streets being exchanged for drugs, grabbed him and brought the tiny pup to them. And so the story begins, from what probably would have been a cruel and violent life, Lil' Bud would live a life to be envied in the beautiful state of Vermont, with as many trees, shrubs and flowers that he could pee on.

For those of you that have brought your own dogs to Lucky Dog -- basically sampling Bud's life -- at one point or another you've probably seen this handsome boy peering out the glass door. Did you ever wonder how Duke & Laure knew you were there? It was because Bud announced each car's arrival.

For those of you that spent time inside the house, it was hard not to resist this dignified boy. With big, soulful brown eyes Lil' Bud could make any heart melt. He wasn't over-bearing or pushy, nor was he whiney or barky. He was a perfect gentleman, (unless you were another male dog!), who made his presence known simply with his stance.

Lil' Bud's favorite activities were going for a ride in the car with Laure & Duke, swimming at the Punch Bowl and running at the park.

Lil' Bud will always be remembered with fondness, respect and dignity.
He will be forever missed and forever in our hearts.


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